Gift Items: Choosing the Perfect Gift

Did you know the average person receives 4,290 gifts in their lifetime...
Will yours make a lasting Impression?

  • Select quality in a gift as if you were to be the receiver. Then select color and style to please the recipient.

  • Consider pooling your resources with other family members, friends, or coworkers in order to give one really
    special gift. This will increase your gift-giving options as well as the chances of getting the recipient something
    they will truly cherish.

  • In a small but visible way, something as simple and elegant as a person's name or initials sets them apart from
    everyone else and makes a statement about their individuality. A personalized gift shows you took extra time and
    care in your choice.

  • It is fine to set gift value levels based on company tenure. If you have an employee who has been with you for
    only a year, a nice keychain or pen would be appreciated and is appropriate. For that loyal manager with ten years
    of outstanding service, a gift with a higher value is deserved.

  • Avoid giving business gifts with a religious connotation. (Remember not everyone celebrates Christmas.) Keep
    this in mind when selecting greeting cards as well.

  • Think in terms of what the recipient might want or enjoy, as opposed to what they might need. The best gifts
    are those we would like but which we would not immediately buy for ourselves above other necessities.

  • Get personal. Have you ever received a gift that spoke to a special interest or desire of yours?
    Didn't it feel great?

  • Try finding something unique Ė something the recipient hasnít already been given or something they never knew
    existed which happens to fit their tastes.

  • Plan ahead. You donít want to run the risk of finding that perfect gift only to realize you wonít be able to
    get it on time.

    Below are some of the artisan's products we sell. Take a moment and browse through them.
    Please feel free to call or stop by our showroom to discuss what customizing options are available.
    We look forward to meeting with you!

    Creative Gifts has a large variety of items to choose from for weddings and baby showers to home decor.

    Andrew Philips, Makers of fine leather products & custom imprinted CROSS pens.

    Bey-Berk is well known for their high-end desk accessories and gifts.

    Looking for a Gift that will last generations? One word speaks quality, Bulova...

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